Android Gaming Apps – The Perfect Tutor for Your Child

Android is the most popular platform among the smartphone and tablet users across the world. It has fans of all age groups, including the kids. Yes, the kids also love to play games on Android-based devices. So, here we have come with some of the best Android games for the kids.

Kids connect the dots

This one is a connect-the-dots game, in a full digital format. Intellijoy has designed this game, especially for the kids between four to seven years of age. This game help the kids to count the numbers and pronounce the letters, while simply joining the dots. Your kids just need to trace the series of dots that outline an animal or object. As your child taps on the dots, the numbers, and alphabets are pronounced. Once all the dots are connected, the dotted image automatically transforms into a colorful picture. The game is composed of around 25 puzzles.

Color & Draw for Kids

This app enhances the drawing skills of your kid. It has nearly everything that an ideal drawing app must have. First of all, there is a coloring page that allows the kids to color the already drawn pictures. Secondly, there is an option to draw on your own and then color it. And, the most interesting feature is the one that allows importing pictures or images from the camera, or image library, and draw on them. Furthermore, there are unfinished drawings to complete. The drawing tools include crayons, brushes, pencils and air brushes. Other interesting features include voice invitations, multi-touch support, undos and zoom.

Amazing Alex

This one is a physics orientated game, where the player has to use a lot of common sense to complete various types of tasks. The task is relatively simple, like just making a ball move into a basket or a releasing a balloon into the air. At the beginning of each level, the player is provided with a bag of equipment containing a specific number of items like tables, buckets or ropes. These items can be placed on the screen in a certain way that they complete the task automatically, on being clicked. Apart from completing the main task, the players can also try to collect the stars for the best possible results.

Train conductor 2

This game help kids to make quick decisions and understanding the work logic. The game play is about numerous trains, coming from various directions on four different tracks. The player needs to swipe the finger to drag each train, in order to avoid a collision. As the trains pass through various famous American locations, the kids also get a boost of geography through the game.

These games not only entertain the kids, but also help improve their intellect. Numerous other innovative games are also available at the Google Play Store. Moreover, you can have an innovative idea about Android game, then you also hire an Android game developer for developing a gaming app for yourself.

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HTC Desire Similar to the Google Nexus One

Google have recently released their first ever mobile phone is the United States called the Nexus One. This handset was manufactured by HTC, who have produced the majority of the Android handsets on the market to date. A interesting fact, is that the Nexus One is still to appear on the UK market, yet HTC have gone ahead and released their own in house version called the HTC Desire and have tweaked it slightly – for the better. If you who think this handset looks familiar, apart from being a Nexus look a like, it was previously give the codename Bravo and appeared on several well-known phone blogs.

The Desire is a smartphone handset which will be running on the very latest version of the Android Operating System – V2.1 As well as to the updated OS, this handset will also feature HTC Sense user interface, which didn’t work that well in the past, but has been getting better in recent releases. HTC has got rid of the trackball cursor control found on most Android handsets, including the Nexus One. This has been replaced with Optical pad. There are good and bad points to both trackball and pad, so will have to see if this is a significant difference or not.

HTC Sense will grab your contacts updates from Facebook and Twitter and add them inside your contacts list. You will also be able to add and view live feed updates to your accounts from your phone, send snap shots and pictures to your Flickr account and move around several applications at the same time thanks to the 1GHz processor used for this phone.

The impressively fast 1GHz Snapdragon processor, which has been used in the Nexus One will guarantee that the phone can handle the stress that running multiple applications This processor is much faster than what the Apple iPhone and will be enough to stop the phone from crashing, freezing and losing your data. This is aided by the 576MB RAM found on the Desire, compare to just 512MB on the Nexus One.

It terms of the screen on the HTC Desire, you will be getting a 3.7 inch Amoled touchscreen which will use the capacitive technology (made famous by the iPhone) that allows for multi-touch and pinch to zoom features. Capacitive technology, seems to be the way ahead for advanced smartphones and I think that HTC have managed to integrate this perfectly in the Desire. The Amoled part of the technology will make the display screen really clear to view, with out putting a drain the battery.

The features for multimedia fan are nothing spectacular, it comes with a 5MP cameras, HSDPA and Wi-Fi connectivity, GPS and memory up to 32GB. One thing it does have over the Nexus one is a FM radio, but this is something the Google might add on to their next software update.

Overall, there are only minor differences between the two phones. One major point, if you are in the UK, is that the HTC Desire is available now and the Google Nexus One has yet to be released. Users will have to wait and see what the price difference will be when both handsets are on the market. I am guessing more people might be tempted by the Nexus One because it has the Google name to it.

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Google Uses Direct Mail – Not All That Is Digital, Is Well, Digital

Often email marketing is an area ventured into casually – but without the strategy or the time investment – this can be a disastrous decision for a key time in a companies marketing calendar. And this new ‘experiment’ usually comes at the expense of other much more profitable areas of their advertising – such as direct mail.

While on the surface email marketing may seem like a fantastic and affordable option – most small to medium sized business have little experience or the technological resources readily available to create and target their digital creative in a way that will not only ensure readability, but ensure deliverability. Having ones email template not compatible with a certain email reader or not adhering to delivery standards and ending up in a SPAM folder are all too frequent occurrences. Even generating or purchasing a qualified email list to send an offer to is an increasingly difficult proposition. People change email addresses quite frequently, and more often than not they have more than one. Hitting your target recipient and having them not only read your message – but act on it is more difficult that you might imagine.

Direct mail works because it’s designed to reach potential customers during their time not spent online. It’s a controlled message that’s delivered right into the hands of your targeted market. Best of all, it works because your direct mail piece isn’t fighting or competing with pages of websites links or keywords; just your bills or mortgage payment. And who wants to read those? And big business knows this – even big digital business.

Look at Google. There is no better example of a corporate giant in the digital space. Google owns one of the largest email platforms in the world – Gmail – and can talk to and target virtually anyone they want, at any time. Yet interestingly enough, a very large part of Google’s Global business acquisition strategy for AdWords, AdSense, and even businesses utilizing Places uses both print and direct mail advertising. They do this because direct mail is targeted, it is measurable, and it is producing results. It gets right to business owners and decision makers.

Direct mail works because there are certain direct marketing rules that have been so finely tuned that any experienced marketer would cry if you took away their DM budget for a ‘chance at going digital’. Google has a few experienced marketers on its staff. The next time that someone tells you that direct mail doesn’t work – ask them if they’ve ever heard of a little company named Google.

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The Anatomy of a Good Customer Support Software

Whether you’re on the verge of deciding to buy a customer support software or just browsing, you will need to arm yourself with adequate information on what you want to buy. Whether it’s a known brand or the latest model to come out in the market, there are things that could never be compensated by a good research. You need to determine what you’re looking for in a software and exactly what you intend to pay for it. The following is the anatomy of a topnotch customer support software.

  • Easy customization. From changing text colors and font styles to the name of your help desk, everyone probably has an individualistic taste. Now, your help desk team will be entirely in awe if customization comes easy. They could change background colors and table sizes, individualize their welcome messages, ban words and HTML codes and change host off logging as easy as 1-2-3. No need for intensive and expensive training because nearly everything comes easy with a good customer support software.
  • Easy communication. A good customer support software should be able to connect people with minimal time and effort consumed. Notifications should be present and seen promptly by help desk technicians. A software could automatically generate soft copies for files and send them to people involved without having to go through complicated steps. It’s also good if a software could automatically create and send confirmation e-mails after every call a customer makes. Furthermore, a software could also contain features in which it is possible to receive notifications via pagers or cellphones. This would ensure continuous connectivity and updates the customer support technicians even when he’s not logged in to the software.
  • Easy work. Because your help desk management team will be the one who will be directly in contact to the customer support software, they also need some features that would lighten up their load and cut time spent on basic tasks. They need a software that could not only manage information but also track down trouble tickets. It is also important that a software should have a features that prioritizes problems called or e-mailed in by the clientele. Most importantly, customer support technicians can log in from anywhere in the world as long as they have installed the software.
  • Easy installation. No need to wait for long hours just to download and install the software. All it takes is a couple of clicks and a few minutes before you can sit down and start working.

The lists of a good customer support software given above may guide you into choosing the perfect software for you. However, you must first establish what your help desk technicians need so they could work as efficiently as possible.

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