Do You Need Automated SEO Submission Software?

It’s a query that comes up quite often in the world of web marketing: should you be using SEO submission software? And unfortunately, I haven’t got a really clear answer for you – my answer is yes, no and it depends. Not the most succinct answer in the world, but I do have terribly definite reasons for giving it. Don’t worry, I could explain exactly why I think that way about SEO submission software and what I mean by my mysterious answer.

We’ll commence with the ‘yes’ answer. Yes, SEO submission software can be helpful. It will help you boost traffic to your website and get a higher ranking on Google and other search engines. Automated submission tools can also take a lot of work off your hands, automating things that would have taken you hours and making the full process a lot simpler. If your aim is to have a profit-making site, and you need to enhance your search site ranking quickly, then SEO submission software will be worth the monetary investment.

The ‘no’ answer is applicable to people who either aren’t ready for automated SEO software or do not have the money to spend on it. If your internet site is a hobby, or if you don’t care about your traffic levels or being found in the search sites, then you don’t actually need SEO submission software.

If you don’t have any budget for SEO submission software, and your site isn’t going to be a profit making venture for you ( although the discussion that every site may be a profit-making site could be made ) then you do not need to use SEO submission software either. what you should be doing is doing your research and learning everything that you can do to enhance your SEO without having to buy SEO submission software – you’d be confounded at the quantity of things that you can do to improve your search ranking by making a few straightforward changes.

There is a choice not often talked about, but one which should be considered. What kind of sites does the automated SEO software build links from. There are some real differences here. Some automated software seems to be built on the basis that each run of the software will be building new pages, on new accounts and often on new sites as old ones get burned out. Other SEO tools seem to go for better quality links and from places where the same account can be used over and over again. There are benefits to both extremes. The throwaway link building tools seem to be able to be more fully automated and thus may suit less skilled users, perhaps employees working at low cost, the other extreme takes more user input in order to get the details of the submissions right.

The ‘it depends’ answer directly is related to the quality of the automatic SEO software that you are planning on using. It relies on the quality of the SEO submission software itself. Don’t just buy the very first thing that you find. Do your research – make sure that you find a product that works for you and your internet site. You either need something in particular focused towards what you are trying to accomplish, or you want to find SEO submission software that’s sufficiently flexible to be customised to be precisely what you want it to be.

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