How Important Is a Bath Compared to A Shower?

When my children were babies of course they had baths. When they were toddlers, however, the exercise of bathing them in the normal way was back-breaking and they were soon relegated to the shower, which they loved. The water splashing over them is much healthier as they don’t sit in stagnant water and soap. They also had less problems with soap in their eyes when washing their hair.

Many of my friends who own their own home have done away with the bath altogether, as they found the extra room more beneficial. For me that is a very sensible suggestion.

Baths may have their place for soaking aching bones or as a luxurious event but for many there is less time to take one these days. As my body is now older and getting in and out of the tub is too strenuous it is some 20 years or more since I last indulged in one.

This is the case with many older people who find it too difficult to get out. They also don’t have the requirements of younger people. Even the young, however, prefer showers and are more at home with a quick splash than a long soak.

The other drawback with a bath is the difficulty one has in cleaning it. The ring that inevitably forms is awkward to erase. Although there are gadgets to help with the task my preference is still the shower. It is my guess that before long architects will offer the option of better bathrooms without the inconvenience of its main piece of furniture

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